The Scripture in Thai Sign Language

The Scripture in Thai Sign Language

 Project 87714

This project provides the opportunity to distribute the Thai Sign Language to the Deaf in Thailand so both Deaf Christians and the Thai Deaf will be able to understand the life and the teaching of Jesus Christ in the language that they can understand.

This is the pilot project for the Deaf in Thailand. They do not have Bible in their own language. We have formed a committee of both the people who work among the Deaf and the Deaf themselves. We have to agree on the Sign Language to be used and test to find out whether the Deaf can understand. We will translate the Scriptures to Thai Sign Language. Several Churches in Bangkok the Capital city and some provinces, have ministries for the Deaf, and they are willing to work together with Thailand Bible Society for this project.


Our Goal

To complete the translation of Thai Sign Language of the Gospel of Acts by the end of June 2020 after finishing the Gospel of Mark by the end of June 2017.

Beneficiary focus

About 1,000 Christian who are deaf in Thailand will have their own Bible in sign language. Besides, they will have Sign language Bible as a tool in telling the non-believers among their own groups. It is reported that Thailand has 277,447 persons who has hearing impairment (January 2016, However, it is estimated that the actual number of the deaf should be twice of the statistic which shows only the ones who has registered with the government.


Deaf Christians will understand the Gospel and will be able to share their faith to their fellow Deaf. Thai Deaf will be able to access the Word of God more easily and efficiently. More Churches in Thailand will be able to have the ministry for the Deaf. More people will be aware about the need of the Deaf. The Deaf will be empowered to do their own ministry.

Please pray for us

1) Our TSL working team consisting of 3 full-time staff, 1 pastor and 2 part-time staff, will work more efficiency and effectively. Please pray that they will get co-operation from the deaf community when going out for the community testing.

2) The translation of the book of Acts on 2018-2020. Please pray for us to receive enough resources to start on time and complete the project as we plan.

3) Please pray for the use of the Gospel of Mark for preaching, teaching and sharing the Gospel among the deaf.